Peace and good to our home 30/11/2009 News
Peace and good to our home

International Charitable Foundation "Children of Chernobyl for Survival" held on November 29, 2009 at the Palace of Culture and Arts of the SBU a charity event "Peace and Good to Our Home" on the occasion of the World Day for Disabled Persons. Six hundred small Chernobyl residents and children with special needs from the capital, Kyiv, Sumy and Zhytomyr regions were invited to this event. All the kids got great gifts: sets of candies, soft toys, etc.
The action ended with a concert-fairy tale with the participation of students from the National University of Culture and Arts and Children's Collectives of Kyiv - the vocal ensemble "Malvi", the ensemble of dance "Dnipryanochka" and the theater of the fashion "Paradise". The highlight of the concert was the performance of young singers - Laureates of the All-Ukrainian Festival "Song Garden" by Alina Bashkina, Irina Roskulets and Anna Tikhoy.

Peace and good to our home Peace and good to our home