Young talents for disadvantaged children 27/04/2005 News
Young talents for disadvantaged children

On April 27, the Charity Concert "Laureates of the Song Garden" - to the children of Chernobyl "was held at the International Center for Culture and Arts (former October Palace). The organizer of this cultural and artistic action - the International Charity Fund "Chernobyl Children for Survival" timed it to the 19th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
Before the silence of the hall of the majestic hall of the October Palace, the bells of remembrance go. They seem to transfer all the spectators (it's about two thousand children and their parents) to the distant April 1986. Atmosphere of that cruel time with artistic authenticity reproduces the choreographic composition "Ecology" performed by the children's sports and dance ensemble "Pulse".
The funeral of the children-victims of the Chernobyl tragedy is conducted by the rector of the St. Vladimir cathedral of the Kyiv Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Father Boris and the patriarchal choir.
In the hall the majestic "Ave, Maria" is played, which is performed by the laureate of the All-Ukrainian festival of children's creativity "Song Garden" Yevgeny Melnitsin (m. Ovruch, Zhytomyr region).
The charitable action is opened by the President of the International Charity Fund "Chernobyl Children for Survival" Lyudmila Zakrevskaya. In her opening remarks, she notes: "The main goal of our Foundation is to help children who still feel the consequences of the terrible accident that occurred in the spring of 1986. And in this noble work we support our friends and partners from around the world: "Children's Japan Fund", the Spanish association "image of Christ", Italian company "Kiara", "Cento Village" and "Caritas", the Libyan Association "Uatasimu". Ozdorolyuyuchy our kids abroad, we got acquainted with the culture and traditions of the host country. Now we are already bringing the unique culture of our people to the world. Our Foundation gave a start to the life of the All-Ukrainian Festival of Children's Creativity "Song Garden". More than half a thousand young singers have already taken part in the Festival, and the brightest stars of the "song garden" have visited other countries.

Our Foundation is the same age as the sovereign Ukraine. We live in the alarm and joy of our young state. In a special way I felt this during my recent visit to Libya at the invitation of Mrs. Al-Qaddafi, when our children in the local bus were singing together: "We are packed together ...". We believe in our country, we believe in her care for all her children. " Rewarding individuals to provide charitable support to children who have suffered from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Lyudmila Zakrevskaya invited to the stage an old friend of the Fund - Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir and Ukrainian Minister of Youth and Sports Yuriy Pavlenko. Dear guests congratulate the children, who filled the auditorium to the full.
During the solemn ceremony of awarding the president of the Fund "Children of Chernobyl for survival" Lyudmila Zakrevskaya received gratitude for the inspired work for the benefit of disadvantaged children from the wife of the President of Ukraine Kateryna Yushchenko. It was also noted accolades president of the association "The image of Christ" Diego Suarez Mora (Spain), president of the association "Chiara" Robert Sikurantsu (Italy) and Vice-President of the International Fund "Children of Chernobyl for survival" Mihaila Grobmana.
The highlight of the evening was a concert of the winners of the All-Ukrainian Festival of Children's Creativity "Song Garden". His remarkable art presented disadvantaged peers young singers Oleg Ivakhiv (m.Drogobich Lviv region), Lyudmila Pechenyuk (m.Yuzhnoukrainsk Mykolaiv region), Victoria Lytvynchuk (m.Gorodok Khmelnitsky region), Oleg Zaritskii (m.Netishin Khmelnitsky region), Anna Quiet (Zhytomyr), Nikita Semenihin (Donetsk), Julia Sirenko (m.Yuzhnoukrainsk Mykolaiv region), Veronica Martynchuk (Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region), Daniel Matvienko (pgt.Novaya world Starobeshevskaya district, Donetsk region.), Catherine Filatova (m. Yuzhnoukrainskiy Ni olaevskoy area), Alina Bashkina (Donetsk), duo of Christina and Taras Prysyazhnyuk (Donetsk). The laureate of the Grand Prix of the "Song Garden-2004" Marichka Goshovskiy (Chernivtsi) dedicated her song to the famous Russian energy engineer Mikhail Panteliovych Umantsy who is present in the hall. 12-year-old poetess and composer Alina Karapka (village Ridkivtsi, Novoselitsky district, Chernivtsi region), who was born into the Chernobyl family, gave the audience her own song "Ukraine". The artistic action ended with a bright performance of the honored artist of Ukraine Zhanna Bodnaruk, who is the chairman of the jury of the All-Ukrainian festival of children's creativity "Song Garden." And the most impressive mitevistu of the evening was the final entrance to the stage of all the participants by a concert.
During the charity event in the halls of the October Palace, an exhibition of creative works of young Chernobyl victims was opened, which are visited by the Spanish centers of social and psychological rehabilitation in the Obolonsky, Solomensky and Dniprovsky districts of the capital. And after the concert, all the children received candy and soft toys. The charitable action was held with the support of NNEGC Energoatom, UMC, Chiara, Naftopostach, Yuzhteploenergomontazh, XXI Century and Fairy, the Employers' Federation of Ukraine, and the Kyiv City State Administration.

Young talents for disadvantaged children Young talents for disadvantaged children Young talents for disadvantaged children