State awards - friends of Chernobyl children 26/04/2011 News

Published Decree of the President of Ukraine №502 / 2011 "On Celebration of State Awards of Ukraine by Citizens of Foreign Countries". According to this Decree, "20 foreigners were marked for" significant personal contribution to overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, implementation of international humanitarian programs, long-term fruitful public activities ". Among them, the following persons were awarded with the Order "For Merits" of the 3rd degree by the International Children's Fund for the Survival of Chernobyl:
Velikhov Yevgeny Pavlovich - President of the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (Russia);
Grobman Mikhail - Vice President of the International Children's Chornobyl Survival Foundation (USA);
Depa Gilles - President of Public Organization "International Solidarity" (France);
Hirokawa Suite is an advisor to the Chornobyl Children's Fund in Japan.
In addition, Mrs. Mari Sasaki, head of the Secretariat of the Chornobyl Children's Fund of Japan, was awarded with the Diploma of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

State awards - friends of Chernobyl children

Cavalier of the Order «For Merits» Suite of Hirokawa in the Chernobyl Zone

Honoring Italian philanthropists 26/04/2011 News

In connection with the XXV anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Serhiy Tyhypko presented honorary decorations to representatives of foreign humanitarian organizations, which for 25 years provided assistance in the rehabilitation and treatment of Ukrainian children. Among the honored people are the heads of more than twenty Italian NGOs represented before the International Children's Fund Chernobyl Survival Foundation:
Manned Giannina is the president of the Amici nel Monto
association Leccees Paolo is the president of the organization Io Vívo
Magnoni Maria Rita - President of Charity Committee Accoglienza Bambini di Chernobyl
Baratto Leonardo - President of the Association AV S.Onlus
Rossi Mauro - vice president of the association AVS Ons
Fadani Nicolette is the president of the association La Matrioska
Spinello Erico - President of Parrocchia and Santa Lucia Verginé MARTIN
Burman Jeanne is the president of the Association of Arcobalone Оnlus
Molinari Christian is the president of the association Domani Zavtrà Onlů
Arletti-Garuti Katya - President of the organization Povilaventne
Farinelli Umberto is president of the Sénz Cônphi organization
Skuvitsatto Rolando is the president of the association Noi con Voi
Tozi Antonio is the president of U.A.Ba.M. Ons
Pastor Bernardo - founder of the association U.A.Ba.M. Ons
Ajarro Maria Rita - president of the association Aiutiamoli a Crescere Onlus
Venetia Clement is the associate manager of Noi e Voi Insieme per la Vita
Bandini Stefano - President of the Association of Arcobaleno I.P.A.
Paul Laudillia - President of the Amici Senza Frontiere
Association Bertinaczi Giuseppe is president of the Dueville
association Florio Nicola is president of Uniti per la Vita
Bruno Rocco is president of Amici dei Franchuuli
Terzaghi Raymondo is the president of the Centro Italo-Ucraino organization.
All the abovementioned leaders received the badges of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine "Badge of Honor".
In addition, the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine was marked by the chairman of the Committee on Minority Aliens of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Italy Giuseppe Maurizio Silvery.

Honoring Italian philanthropists

Serhiy Tyhypko presents awards to foreign philanthropists