The agreement with the Libyan charitable organization "UATASIMU" 26/01/2005 News
The agreement with the Libyan charitable organization "UATASIMU"

15 children aged 11-12 years at the gangway in the Libyan capital Tripoli met with representatives of the Ukrainian embassy and Libyan children with flowers and gifts. From a warm welcome our little compatriots rozuchulilis. And how did you end up at the hotel ...
- They did not dream of such comfort, - the president of the fund "Children of Chernobyl for survival" shared her memories. Lyudmila Zakrevskaya. - Everything reminded a fairy tale. Imagine living in a five-star hotel, sightseeing around the city, visiting schools - ordinary and elite, cultural institutions, a zoo, a center for social rehabilitation ... And everywhere there was sincere hospitality, attention to children, gift giving.

Ukrainians told about Chernobyl, Ukraine, presented gifts made by themselves, Libyan children. And laureates of international competitions, including All-Ukrainian Song Garden, singer Alina Bashkina, poet, composer and performer Alina Karapka told about Ukrainian culture, traditions of our people. Undoubtedly, the inspection of the house of the leader of the September Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi, whose daughter Mrs. Aisha al-Qaddafi is the head of the charitable organization "Uatasimu", the general secretary of the congress and thanks to whom this trip was held, will be remembered by him.
The guests learned about the Libyan tragedy, which occurred in 1986, when an American bomb hit the house of Gaddafi. Then the daughter of Mr. Muammar died. And today the walls of the building remain destroyed. They seem to remind future generations that this should never happen again: there must be peace on earth, and children have a happy childhood.

During their stay in Libyan land, our children were examined by Libyan doctors and assisted those whom she desperately needed. As Ms. Aisha al Gaddafi noted, Libya did not know much about the scale of the Chernobyl disaster and its consequences. Now Libyans offers yut to overcome misfortune together. They are convinced that small citizens, and especially complex diseases, should be treated and healthy on the African continent, where the appropriate climate, appropriate food (seafood, fruit, etc.). The cooperation between the two foundations has been agreed with Mrs. Aisha al-Qaddafi, and at the state level this issue should be resolved with the Minister of Health of Libya, who soon plans to visit Ukraine.
Lyudmila Zakrevskaya - a former resident of Pripyat, still remembers the painful April days of 1986, when she had to throw the whole treasure and start life from a new page, to raise her young sons on their feet. Sorbnuvshy grief personally and faced with the troubles of other people, she decided to work in the fund to help the victims. Unfortunately, says Mrs. Lyudmila, some Chernobyl programs have not lived up to expectations: often healthy children went abroad to improve their health. Now most foreign sponsors do not want to work through intermediaries. Financing the operation or treatment, they want to know to whom exactly these funds are sent. Therefore, the fund does not provide money to patients. Here, only contribute (taking into account the possibilities) in the operation or purchase of medicines. For example, by transfer of funds are sent to the hospital for a particular patient. Lyudmila Andreevna showed a large folder with letters from families who write to the Chernobyl Children for Survival Fund with a request not to leave them alone with the disaster. It is difficult to read the medical history of 10-year-old Vitaly Grishchenko from p. Shpitki Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the Kiev region. The boy urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. Such an operation in Ukraine is not carried out and costs not less than 40 thousand US dollars. Where to get them to a simple rural family? Moreover, it was not possible to select among the native donors. Mother hoped that the 9-month-old Margarita would save her brother, but as a donor she did not fit. Within four months, through an international data bank in Germany, the donor was picked up (15,000 euros was found for this), but there is no finance for the operation. At the time of writing, Olga Grishchenko and her son were in the Kiev hospital. Grandfather nurse Marguerite at home and bidka, that the grandson daily is less likely to survive. Who can help this family? There are many such letters in the folder. They write: a remedy for alopecia costs $ 200 - help. You need money to treat leukemia, paralysis, thyroid ... Do not refuse. For every request is a cry of the soul.

Lyudmila Zakrevskaya remembered one extraordinary event, which occurred in 1997 with Olenko Kovalyova, a resident of the Kiev region. She developed a swelling in the jaw. Doctors diagnosed: oncology. Observed the patient, provided appropriate assistance. But one day, German doctors arrived in Ukraine and undertook to investigate the tumor, which at that time was too large. In the Munich clinic, another diagnosis was subsequently made: the tumor was not malignant. After three operations in the eight-year-old Olenka, only the scars remained on the jaw. At that time, 150,000 German marks were donated by the Germans for the Ukrainian patient. The result surpassed all expectations: the girl is alive and well. The Chernobyl Children for Survival Foundation has been cooperating with the Chernobyl Fund of Japan, with public organizations and individual sponsors of Italy, Spain, the United States for many years ...
In addition to treatment and rehabilitation of children in Ukraine and abroad, the fund is guarded by the orphanage "Rodina", in the Kiev region. He was provided with refrigerators, kitchen equipment, food, repairs. And for the fourth consecutive year the fund receives dental equipment from abroad, which is distributed to polyclinics in Kiev. In four districts of the capital, there are centers for teenagers, where students learn foreign languages, go in for sports. Lyudmila Zakrevskaya said that in the parade ground - the opening of similar centers in each district of the city. The goal is to take the children from the street so that they do not feel lonely and do not replenish the ranks of beggars and street children.

The agreement with the Libyan charitable organization "UATASIMU" The agreement with the Libyan charitable organization "UATASIMU" The agreement with the Libyan charitable organization "UATASIMU"