Chernobyl lesson for pupils of Kyiv and Zhytomyr 24/04/2015 News
Chernobyl lesson for pupils of Kyiv and Zhytomyr

International charitable foundation "Children of Chernobyl for survival" with the assistance of the Security Service of Ukraine held in the Center of Culture and Arts of the SBU Memory evening "Chernobyl lesson," dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
Organisers have invited students from the capital Kiev and Zhitomir regions, living in the 2nd and 3rd zones of radioactive contamination, as well as children and grandchildren of the liquidators and persons evacuated in 1986 from Pripyat and other settlements of the Exclusion Zone.
The memorial evening was opened by MP Pavlo Dzyublik, which deals in the Verkhovna Rada Chornobil problems.
Charity concert program began with an inspired performance of People's Artist of Ukraine Raisa Nedashkovskaya, who performed a literary composition of the poem Svetlana Yovenko "Explosion". In subsequent issues participated wonderful singer Alla Zaginayko Alina Bashkina Lytvynchuk and Victoria, as well as the well-known children's ensembles: vocal ensemble "Kyiv nightingale", sports and dance ensemble "Pulse" and dance ensemble "Nu-Anse".
According to the organizers, "Chernobyl lesson" was presented from the standpoint of the present in such measurements, such as: the truth lesson, a history lesson, a lesson of courage, mercy lesson and a lesson of faith. And after it all the young spectators got presents.
In addition, as part of a specified event Museum of the History of the Tithe church arranged for students from the district of Zhytomyr region Malin invited to the "Chernobyl lesson", a charity event "Tour of the city of the Vladimir - Old Kiev Hill," which was held by an employee of the museum Tatyana Levchenko.

Chernobyl lesson for pupils of Kyiv and Zhytomyr Chernobyl lesson for pupils of Kyiv and Zhytomyr