Bikers-philanthropists 11/08/2005 News

It turns out that in bikers, which were once considered socially "unreliable" element, life interests are not limited only to motorcycles, beer and "heavy" music. They get pleasure from communicating with foreign "colleagues", but during such "take-offs" do not forget about those with whom life has been brutal, and help people with a real heart. The internationally charitable fund "Children of Chernobyl for Survival", together with the Italian organizations Cento Villaggi and Intruder Owners Club Italy, organized a large-scale action that was finishing in Ukraine in recent days.
The idea Biker marathon "Europe - Ukraine: for the sake of the future of the child" appeared on June 23 during a speech in the Italian town of Cesano Maderno near Milan, winners of the All-Ukrainian Children Festival "Song Garden" based International Charity Fund "Children of Chernobyl for survival."
The marathon began on July 31 from the Yezdra Square in Cesano Maderno, where bikers from the provinces of Milan, Monza and Brianza came together. The tour ran through Padua, Udine and Tarvisio (Italy), Klagenfurt and Vienna (Austria), Brno and Olomouc (Czech Republic), Krakow and Przemysl (Poland). On the morning of August 3, a column of motorcyclists crossed the state border of Ukraine. Here our bikers joined the Italians. In general, the participants of the marathon visited the eleven cities of our country. In Borzni, Chernihiv region, they went to a boarding school with the Cento Villaggi Association's long-standing partner relations and gave the children a minibus. On the way to the homeland of the prominent figure of the public education of Christina Alchevskaya and poet-romance Victor Zabili, bikers stopped in the village of Olenivtsi. Here they met with representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate. At the ceremony in the chapel of St. Panteleimon there the rector of the Kiev St. Vladimir's Cathedral, Father Borys marathon participants blessed and sanctified the gifts to children.
In Olenevka our Italian guests visited the museum-reserve "Hannyna desert", in which there buried three prominent figures of the national culture, classic Ukrainian literature Panteleimon Kulish, his wife, writer Anna Periwinkle and her brother - publisher and journalist, co-founder of Kyiv-Methodius Brotherhood Basil Belozersky It is interesting that bikers came to Olenivka on the birthday of Panteleimon Kulish - August 7. This village left a special mark in the biography of the author of "Grammar", since on February 5, 1847, he was married to Anna Barvinok in the local Ascension Church. By the way, Taras Shevchenko was the eldest boyar at the wedding. And it was precisely at the Motonivka Farm, which subsequently became part of Olenivka, the idea of ​​the first Ukrainian historical novel, "The Black Council", was heard at Kulish. In the land Panteleimon A. beautiful garden grew and nurtured the dream of Ukrainian ruler Kulturnykiv there began translating Ukrainian Pushkin, Mickiewicz, Byron, Heine, Shakespeare.
The next stop for motorcyclists was no less historic. Marathonists visited Baturyn State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital". Near the Cyril Razumovsky Palace, which is being rebuilt, the Italian guests presented the collection of works of the Pope John Paul II to the Baturyn Reserve.
The most notable marathon was the visit of the orphanage Rodina in the village of Sezenkov, Baryshiv district. Among its inhabitants are children who suffered from the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Bikers talked to them, entertained and gave them gifts.
On Sunday, the team was in the capital of Ukraine. The participants gathered under the Arch of Friendship of the People to get acquainted with the people of Kiev. Two hundred "iron horses" from the road "two-wheeler" Honda Gold Wing to sports Suzuki lined around the "rainbow". First Deputy Head of Physical Culture and Sport gave Peter Burkatskyy bikers greeting from Kyiv Mayor Cup and handed a representative of City Hall Cesano Maderno Villa Virginia. The Italian also gave pictures of Kiev with the pictures of their town and a memorable sign of Cesano Maderno from the president of their province.
On this bikers will not stop, in turn, other charity actions. After all, according to the president of the Ukrainian club "Crazy Hohols" Vlad Pletin, any biker event is connected with charity. "You can always help - not money, so things," Vlad said.