We believe in good

fcc.kiev.ua 03/12/2013 News
We believe in good

Over a thousand children invited the Kiev dolphinarium "Nemo" in the charity event "We believe in goodness ", dedicated to the World Day of Disabled Persons .
 - This year we are in collaboration with the International Charitable Foundation "Children of Chernobyl for survival " and other organizations held two charity submission in support of children with disabilities - said the director of the Kiev dolphinarium "Nemo" Vitaly Staragin . During charitable representations " Give Love" wonderful artists - dolphins and sea lion - gave young viewers a good mood and positive emotions. An interesting program made ??children's festivals and awards Daria Aksenov and Anastasia Eskova.
Upon completion of three fabulous little action Chernobyl invited to the dolphinarium "Nemo" , received gifts from sponsors - companies " Baby Care " (TM " Alenka" ) , Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine "," Oriflame Ukraine "and KGBF " Fudbenk ."

We believe in good We believe in good