Young artists Zhitomir at the Eternal City 02/05/2008 News
Young artists Zhitomir at the Eternal City

What is common between Rome and Ovruch. Probably, the fact that the first has the glory of one of the most ancient cities in Western Europe, and the second - in the eastern expanses of the Old World. And the fact that in the crowded Italian capital, and in a quiet district center in Zhytomyr region equally sincerely cherish the millennial tradition of Christianity and spiritual culture. Therefore, in May, the young masters of the Ovruchskaya Small Academy of Folk Arts and Crafts came to the Eternal City, who presented an art exhibition "The Art World of Chernobyl Children" in the Creative Room Gallery.
The solemn opening ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy Georgy Chernyavsky, representatives of our embassy in the Vatican and other distinguished guests. During the audience in the Vatican, the young Ovruch and their wonderful art were blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.
In the exhibition were widely represented works with artistically crafted straws on historical, religious and ethnographic subjects. In particular, the painting "The Son of God was born", "Paradise Garden", "The Fourth Revenge of Princess Olga", "The Tree of Life", "Christmas Carol", "The Death of the Prince of Derevlyansky Oleg Svyatoslavovich", "Plive wreath for water - You, "" Oh, in the cherry orchard "," Open up, Mom, the gate - come the young from the crown "," Rowan Night "," Firebird "," Harvest ", the icon" Archangel Michael ".
"We tried to acquaint the Italians with samples of the traditional art of the Ukrainian Polesye, and at the same time draw attention to the problems of children living in the north of the Zhytomyr region and to this day suffer from the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster," said the organizer of the exhibition, the president of the International Charity Fund "Chernobyl Children for Survival "Lyudmila Zakrevskaya. - I want to sincerely thank for support of this charity event of People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Pashinsky, President of the International Airlines of Ukraine Yuriy Miroshnikov, General Director of TMM-LLC Nikolay Tolmachev and Head of Naftopostach Mikhail Grobman.

Young artists Zhitomir at the Eternal City